Saturday, September 20, 2008

Black New Yorkers are 13 times more likely to be murdered - or arrested for murder - than whites, an NYPD crime analysis shows

Blacks and Hispanics dominated tallies of both suspects and victims, according to an NYPD racial breakdown of crimes requested by the Daily News. Of the 244 murders between Jan. 1 and June 30 this year, 64.8% of the victims were black, records showed. Hispanics accounted for 23.4% of the victims, whites 7.4% and Asians 4.5%. Using NYPD stats, the homicide rate per 1 million in population was 81.1 for blacks and 6.3 for whites. Among murder arrests, blacks accounted for 64.9%, Hispanics 27.2%, whites 7.3% and Asians less than 1%. In all, 153 New Yorkers were charged with homicide through June 30 - the ethnicity was detailed in 151 of the cases. The arrest rate for homicide per 1 million population: 50.8 black, 3.8 white. Police officers said black and Hispanic victims tend to be attacked by black and Hispanic criminals. The racial tallies bear little resemblance to the ethnic makeup of New York City: 34.8% white, 27.6% Hispanic and 23.7% black, 2006 Census data shows.

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