Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hindu wins the right to be cremated on an open-air funeral pyre in Britain

A devout Hindu has won the right to be cremated on a traditional 'open air' funeral pyre when he dies. Davender Ghai, 71, believes that the tradition of open-air cremation is essential to the liberation of his soul after death. But his local authority - and the Ministry of Justice - contended that the ancient practice of 'natural cremation', widely carried out in other parts of the world breached the 1902 Cremation Act. However, London's Court of Appeal said that the spiritual healer and respected charity leader's heartfelt request could be accommodated under existing law. The landmark ruling means that thousands of Hindus, Sikhs - and anyone else wanting 'natural cremation' - can be content that their dying wishes can legally be carried out. Ghai came to England from Kenya in 1958.


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