Thursday, July 22, 2010

A black emergency medical technician has been charged with a series of armed sexual assaults

An African-American EMT has been charged with a series of sick sex crimes - including an attack on an 11-year-old in an elevator he commandeered with his Fire Department key. Angus Pascall, 33, was nabbed after one victim jotted down the plate number of his getaway car and was linked to five rapes and assaults through DNA and lineups, police said. Honored at FDNY Medal Day in 2007 for saving a patient's life, the emergency medical technician stalked the streets off-duty with a gun or knife, ambushing women as they walked home, officials said. In a July 11 2010 attack, he used a "fireman's service key," which provides access to subway grates and elevators across the city, to corner and sodomize the 11-year-old. Pascall struck recently when he abducted a 20-year-old woman at gunpoint, forced her into his car, and raped her, police said. The victim wrote down the license plate, and cops traced it to a green car that belonged to one of Pascall's friends. After the friend had been busted for driving with a suspended license, the car was seized - and it was Pascall who signed for it from an NYPD lot, police said. He was driving the car when cops busted him near EMS station 39 in East New York. Pascall, who had worked for the FDNY for five years, was picked out of a lineup by three victims. His DNA matched samples taken at all five sex crimes, police said. He was charged with rape, sexual abuse, criminal sex act and child endangerment. Investigators believe Pascall first struck in June 2001, when he raped a 20-year-old woman. He has been on restricted duty since January 2010 for punching his girlfriend and hitting her in the face with a metal toilet paper rack, officials said. A pretrial hearing in that case was scheduled for September 2010. He also pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor harassment charge in April 2007, according to records. He was suspended for 10 days and then put on an 18-month probationary period, FDNY officials said.

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