Monday, December 6, 2010

Israel fears flood of African migrants

In recent years, tens of thousands of Africans have entered the country through its long desert border with Egypt, turning Israel, like parts of Europe, into a magnet for asylum seekers, and even more, for migrants desperate for jobs in the industrialized world. Their arrivals are hardly being welcomed. Facing a public furor, the government is scrambling to erect a fence along the 130-mile Egyptian border and a massive detention center in the remote southern desert. Many Israelis fear that the African influx will make the country less Jewish. In a speech to parliament, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned of a flood of illegal migrants. "It is threatening the jobs of Israelis, and it is threatening the Jewish and democratic character of the state of Israel," he said. Israel would seem to be an unlikely destination for African migrants, who have few ties to the Jewish state. Egypt, however, has a large population of migrants — and after Egypt violently quashed a 2005 protest by a group of Sudanese refugees, they began trickling north into Israel. Approximately 35,000 have entered Israel since, with the number surging to 1,500 arrivals every month, according to government figures. Some cities have been transformed. Some 10% of the population of the Red Sea resort town of Eilat are African migrants, and an entire neighborhood in south Tel Aviv is known as "Little Africa," where ethnic food shops and phone card stalls line the streets.

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Anonymous said...

Well didn't Elliot Abrams want the United States to accept 1 million Hatians after that earthquake a few months back?

Its hard not to "El-OW-El" at this news, given that so many neoconservative hacks want the US to practically have open borders with the third world.

Im called an extremist because I'd like for the public to simply get to vote directly on migratory matters. I have a feeling that they'd like about a 20 year moratorium on more migration, and a migration policy that reflected the nation's historical ethnic character. Its unfathonable to me that we have Somalis here in particular. I mean w-t-f? The African people traditionally in the United States were descendants of West Africa, not east Africa.

China, Japan, India, Korea, Indonesia all dont seem to be buying the migration-propaganda our left is so high on. When we are hopelessly divided in 2080, they will still be ethnically unified. Our elite is wont to double down on this cultural-imperialist bet that they have that they can find something (climate, migration, indebtedness, cultural imperialism, feminism, whatever) that will establish a world-government that they are in de facto control of, but I see them basically screwing up the West and making it < the rest of the world and eventually subserviant to it. Other countries will be making nukes and having carrier groups in the future. We only have 11 carrier groups. If every country that opposes us simply built one carrier group............they could overwhelm us at sea. China will have enough money to start building these things to trade for natural resources of "the rest of the world" in ensuing decades. Our leaders mistakenly believe we will always have a military advantage on the rest of this earth. They are wrong----who knows who the top dog will be in 2150?

America was much better off in 1975.