Saturday, November 12, 2011

According to, the Hispanic community is the fastest growing community when it comes to infidelity

In a press release sent by the self-described largest dating site for married people, the company states that since launching the Spanish-language version of their website in 2009, 1.1 million Latinos have signed up, accounting for 31% of their total new membership. The company further suggests that according to their data, Hispanic members have affairs at the youngest age: Average age of 27 for women and 34 for men (compared to 33 for women and 40 for men in the general U.S. population).


hbd chick said...

"...the self-described largest dating site for married people...."


Average Joe said...

hbd chick:

Apparently the site was set up for people who wanted to cheat on their spouses.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm just paranoid but using that site just seems like an invitation to be blackmailed if the owners are unscrupulous or if the site ever gets hacked.

TommyBoy said...

I think I once saw the guy who runs that website being interviewed on TV and he seemed to be a real scumbag. Just another parasite profiting off of the decline of Western civilization and its moral values.