Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Hispanic father has been accused of scalding his two-year-old son with a frying pan after the toddler asked to have his diaper changed

Marco Santos grabbed a frying pan from a stove where he was cooking fish and placed it on the boy's thigh and genital area. When the boy screamed in agony he attempted to soothe the burns by rubbing burn cream on the wound, authorities said. But instead of using a soothing lotion Santos, 39, used a tube of toothpaste he found at his home in Chicago, Illinois. The injuries to the boy were only revealed three days after the incident when his parents realised he had trouble walking and took him to hospital. The boy will need skin grafts to repair the damage caused by the burns. Santos was booked into the Cook County Jail on a charge of aggravated battery of a child. He remains in jail in lieu of $500,000 bond. The boy's mother Joanna Pawlina has been charged with endangering the life and health of a child, a misdemeanor.

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