Monday, September 28, 2015

Almost half of Americans say that Asian immigrants have a positive effect on the country, while just 26% say the same of immigrants from Latin America

Before the Immigration and Nationality Act passed in 1965, white Americans made up 84% of the population, followed by African Americans at 11%, Hispanics at 4%, and Asians at less than 1%, per a Pew Research Center report. Today, with immigration policies no longer favoring Europeans, those figures are 62%, 12%, 18%, and 6%, respectively. How will they change in another 50 years? The US population will probably include 46% whites, 24% Hispanics, 14% Asians, and 13% African Americans, Pew reports. The biggest change comes with a new largest immigrant group: Hispanics now make up 47% of immigrants, but Pew expects that they'll total 31% by 2065, while Asians — including from China, Pakistan, and India — will total 38%.

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