Monday, May 9, 2016

A white South African high court judge is the subject of the latest in a series of race rows in the country after she pointed out that black South African men regarded rape as a cultural right

Mabel Jansen, a high court judge for the past three years who works in Pretoria, told commenters on a Facebook thread that "99 per cent" of her cases were "black fathers/uncles/brothers raping children as young as 5 years old", then asked one poster: "Is this part of your culture?" She said that she was “yet to meet a black girl who wasn’t raped by the age of 12”. In a series of comments, Jansen said that black mothers were “so brain-washed that they tell the children that it is the fathers’ birth right to be the first”. “In their culture (black men) a woman is there to pleasure them. Period. It is seen as an absolute right and a woman’s consent is not required,” she wrote. “Murder is also not biggy. And gang rapes of baby, daughter and mother a pleasurable pass time.”


Flanders said...

Committing the ultimate crime in a Judaized system --- Statements of Truth.

Anonymous said...

In an age of deceit truth is a revolutionary act.