Saturday, July 30, 2016

The grieving husband of a British beauty therapist killed in Pakistan has vowed to fight for justice as police revealed that she was suffocated to death

Samia Shahid, 28, from Bradford, died while visiting relatives in northern Punjab recently. She was set to fly back to the home she shared with Syed Mukhtar Kazam in Dubai. He believes that she was tricked into visiting Pakistan by her family on the pretense that her father was gravely ill. He claims that she was murdered in an honor killing because her family disapproved of their marriage after she left her first husband and cousin, Mohammed Shakeel. His allegation came after photographs of Shahid's body emerged which showed a 7.5 inch red mark around her neck and saliva and blood oozing from her mouth and nostrils. A hushed-up post mortem confirmed that Shahid had a red gash around her throat after she died. A doctor who examined her body described it as a "horrible mark on the right side of the neck". Police initially decided that she had no suspicious injuries so allowed her family to bury her in Pandori, northern Punjab. But they have now launched a murder inquiry and are investigating claims that the family bribed officials to cover-up the post-mortem. Her family claims that she died of a heart attack. Her ex-husband and her father, Mohammed Shahid, have both been arrested on suspicion of murder. A cousin, Mobeen Mohammed, has also been arrested in Pakistan. All three have been bailed. Some 500 women are killed each year in Pakistan by relatives who feel their family has been shamed by a daughter or sister fraternizing with men.

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