Sunday, August 7, 2016

South Africa’s white minority has been warned that they face an “uprising” if they fail to make urgent economic reforms, ruling black politicians have said

South Africa is on a knife edge with 13 politicians murdered recently and the national broadcaster refusing to show images of violence fearing it will incite more attacks. One radical party has called for a Zimbabwe-style land grab of the estimated 80% white-owned land. There are also fears among the 1.6 million British community who have emigrated to South Africa for cheap living that they could be forced home. Following heavy defeats in the recent municipal elections politicians from the ruling African National Congress have spoken out against what they call “economic apartheid.” They are threatening to nationalize the mines and other radical reforms to win back the black vote. The ANC, which under Nelson Mandela was responsible for winning black people the vote and ending apartheid, have dominated elections since 1994.

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