Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Jew Bill Kristol shows his contempt for white working class Americans

A wide-ranging conversation with Charles Murray took an awkward turn when Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol shared his view that white, working-class Americans should be replaced by immigrants. The conversation took place at an American Enterprise Institute event called “It Came Apart: What’s Next for a Fractured Culture,” at which the pundits discussed how Donald Trump’s rise relates to the white working class’s record low levels of labor-force participation, religiosity, and family formation, which Dr. Murray described in his 2012 book Coming Apart: The State of White America. At one point, Dr. Murray explained how, though he never warmed to Donald Trump, the 2016 election did lead him to adopt a restrictionist position on low-skilled immigration. Dr. Kristol replied that he’d “actually sort of gone the opposite way on immigration.” He explained: "Look, to be totally honest, if things are so bad as you say with the white working class, don’t you want to get new Americans in?"

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Anonymous said...

You know this is hilarious.All this talk has been going on already.Look at all the magazines like Time and Newsweek that did articles about whites being displaced in the job field.Of the US becoming "browner"as stated in a CNN interview last year.Hell,all these news shows and tv shows glorify the replacement of whites.What ,people are surprised at what he said.THis has been going on non-stop already and Obama the clown speeded it up.Whites are being targeted ,the founded stock of this great country,because of all the anti-white propaganda.It's funny,people complain about what is said but whites are purposely being replaced in jobs because of all these quotas to meet all the BS diversity standards.Then everyone has the nerve to say whites are lazy and don''t want to work.That's all BS.This is being done on purpose.Whites have been replaced and looked over for the sake of diversity.This is why there are so many whites out of work.Trump needs to stand up for white America.Why do you think so many angry white Americans voted for Trump.Because they know they are being bred out and having their country taken from them.I love how white liberal idiots think white people are just supposed to lay down and die.These white guilt liberal fools need to go live in Africa with their pets.Look what has happened in SA with Black majority rule.Ever since Mandela the murderer and his murderous wife ,Winnie "necklacing" Mandela took over,Sa has become the murder and rape country of the world.And whites there are on the UNs genocide watch list at number 6 out of 8.Un friggin real.And the world thinks that all us whites are supposed to be stupid and lay down and die.NOt me I will fight to the death.