Thursday, April 12, 2018

Gang rape continues in India

The victim was an 8-year-old girl in Kashmir who belonged to a nomadic Muslim tribe, and the details are rough. Police say that she was lured away from the horses she was grazing, sedated, and raped multiple times by men in a Hindu temple over the course of at least three days. At that point, police say the men killed the girl by hitting her head with a stone, and her body was found in a nearby forest a week after she disappeared. Authorities say that Muslim-Hindu tensions are behind the murder of the girl, known as Asifa. The custodian of the local Hindu temple wanted to frighten away her Bakarwals tribe from the area and saw the girl as a "soft target," say police. The custodian, Sanji Ram, is among eight Hindu men charged in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Two of the eight are police officers accused of taking bribes in their investigation. The murder happened in January 2018, but new court proceedings have inflamed tensions. Thousands of members of a Hindu group linked to the ruling BJP party have marched to demand the release of the suspects, and a large group of Hindu lawyers tried to block the filing of charges at the local court. They claim the men are innocent but will not get a fair trial because the investigating officers are Muslim. Protests and counter-protests are now spreading.


Someone said...

Would that make them a 'Hindu-nuffin'?

Unknown said...

There will be several weeks of rioting, but it won't be covered by the MSM.