Saturday, July 26, 2008

Five men from Chechnya were arrested after an attack on a reception center for asylum seekers near Oslo, Norway

More than 20 people were injured, including an 11 year-old boy. The attack was directed at Kurdish and Arab migrants. "Some of those arrested were picked up near the center and others were picked up in other places. Two came out of the woods nearby," says police chief Otto Stærk. The five Chechens arrested will be interviewed by police. The Police think that more arrests will take place soon. Reports vary about how many attackers there were. Some say 40 to 50, others claim 100 and yet another estimate says 20. "What is certain is that there were a lot," says Stærk. Police confiscated several weapons near the center. According to Stærk, both machetes and iron bars were discovered. Those living at the center reported seeing firearms, but so far the Police have not found any. All the injured are expected to live, but it is not clear how seriously injured they are. Their condition remains stable.

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