Monday, July 28, 2008

Tanzanian police say another albino man has been murdered - the 26th victim in the country in under a year

The attackers reportedly severed the man's right foot and genitalia. His wife, also an albino, was also injured. Witchdoctors want the parts for potions they say make people rich. Witchdoctors claim that their clients include police officers. Jovin Majaliwa is reported to have been killed in his home in a remote Lake Victoria village after dark. His wife, also an albino, was attacked but managed to raise the alarm. She is being treated in hospital. Neighbors have asked the police to look after two of her children who also live with albinism. Witchdoctors are behind the killings. They use albino organs such as hair, arms, legs and blood to make potions which they claim make people wealthy. Evidence suggests the police are involved in the racket which is why it has been difficult to catch the culprits.

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