Monday, April 8, 2013

Why is Asian unemployment 5%, while the Hispanic rate is more than 9% and the African-American rate more than 13% in the United States?

And with 14% of the U.S. labor force unemployed, underemployed or having quit looking for work, why is Congress about to grant amnesty to 12 million illegal aliens who are taking and doing jobs that might otherwise go to unemployed Americans?


Anonymous said...

"Twelve million illegals" is the government's official count of the illegals in this country. The most accurate count is 40,000,000 illegals are in this country. It is mostly Mexicans but not all are Mexicans.
Mexicans, as well as most Hispanics, have no regard for the law. That is why we have so many illegal Mexicans in this country. Down in Mexico the drug cartels are killing not only police, but also prosecutors, jailers, lawyers, wardens, judges, and their families along with just ordinary Mexicans. They also kill elected officials such as mayors, senators and their families. In this country we have the M 13 gang that US law enforcement is afraid to even deal with.
The Mexican drug cartels operating in this country are already starting to kill American law enforcement personnel and there have been lawyers and law officials quitting their jobs because of fear for themselves and their families. Just wait till Obamanesty is approve by the US "law making" congress. There will be a lot of people in this country looking for their heads along some street in this country pretty soon when the drug cartels move in for real.

Anonymous said...

The 12 million illegals statistic has been used for 10 years now. Clearly, it's wrong because it would have increased. But the point of the low number is to put American's minds at ease at the extent immigrants have flooded this country.