Sunday, May 19, 2013

A gay black man was gunned down in Greenwich Village by an armed Latino who hurled homophobic slurs at him

Marc Carson, 32, was walking with a friend on Sixth Avenue near West Eighth Street about midnight when they were approached by Elliot Morales, 33 and two other Hispanic males, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said. One man snarled homophobic slurs at the men and asked them if they were “gay wrestlers,” Kelly said. The men continued moving and made a right onto West Eighth Street. One of the Hispanic men left and Morales and his buddy continued to follow the victim and another man. Morales pulled out a .38-caliber revolver and shot Carson once in the cheek. Carson died shortly after at Beth Israel Hospital. Morales has been charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon after being questioned by police at the Sixth Precinct. Police said that Morales, who was in possession of a fake ID, was uncooperative and refused to identify himself and refused to be fingerprinted. Morales appeared crazed and confessed to the shooting after he was arrested, a police source said. Morales had been arrested for attempted murder in 1998.


Anonymous said...

The blacks -- homosexual and otherwise -- the Puerto Ricans and the Dominicans can shoot each other down all they want -- the more the better.

I wonder what kind of police record the black homosexual had. I'm sure it was a long one. I'm sure he hated White New Yorkers/White Americans. They all do : The blacks, the Puerto Ricans, the Dominicans, heterosexual and/or homosexual.

That was always the viewpoint of us Italians in New York City : The more they shoot one another down, the better. Always made sense to me.

I'm not losing any sleep over this recent incident.

From : Joe

Anonymous said...

The only reason this murder is made public is because the shootee was a queer.