Monday, May 13, 2013

A Saudi court has jailed a Lebanese man for six years and sentenced him to 300 lashes after convicting him of encouraging a Saudi woman to convert to Christianity

This is the sort of barbarism that happens when Muslims are the majority in a country. The lesson here is that if you want to live in a civilized country then you should live in one that has as few Muslims as possible. One way of doing this is to live in a country that does not allow Islamic immigration.


Anonymous said...

More about Sharia Law :

More about Jihad :

Islam is very atavistic. The Arabs come from the same tribe of habiru-sagiz as do the Jews : It's a two-headed snake.

Sharia Law and the Jew's Noahide Law have a lot in common.

"Eustace Mullins + The Curse Of Canaan PDF"

"Eustace Mullins + New History Of The Jews PDF"

Our lawmakers, and those "Christian" Zionist "pastors", should be taken out and shot for dragging white Christian Americans right dab in the middle of warring Zionism and warring Islamic Jihad.

To learn more about Jews, Kabballah, Zionism, AshkeNazis, Arabs, Wahhabis, Salafis, and Assassins :

Judaism and Islam have a lot in common : Both are atavistic ; Both groups are desert cut-throats, in other words, habiru-sagiz -- an old-fashioned term that was used to describe both Jews and Arabs/Muslims.

As both Jews and Muslims worked hand-in-hand creating The Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Jihad, Islam ultimately serves the Jew Zionist agenda. The Saudis epitomize Islam in service to Jew Zionism.

Jews and Arabs are two branches of the same family : A desert cut-throat tribe of two-headed snakes.

Search Terms :

" Uncovering The Kabala"

About "Christian" Zionism :

" Scofield + Untermeyer"

"Scofield + Untermeyer + Rothschilds"

From : Joe

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More about Jews and Islam Jihad ;

"Israel Rushes In To Rescue Al-Qaeda Terrorists in Syria" :

Syria has a very large Christian population.

The Christians in Syria are being targeted especially, by both the Islamic Jihadists, and the donmeh Jews who are also members of the Islamic Jihadists. In fact, donmeh Jews own and control The Muslim Brotherhood, as well as many donmeh Jew foot-soldiers in the Jihadist army.

Donmeh Jews are Jews pretending to be Muslims. They're killing Christians in Syria big-time.

The Christian Zionists in the US have their heads up their assholes.

They are giving their support to the Jews -- Jew Zionists and donmeh Jew "Islamic" Jihadists -- who are especially targeting and killing Christians in the Middle East ; In the meantime the DHS here in the States is targeting Christians as "enemies" to the USA. Christian Zionists are the stupidest people on the face of the earth.

"Get Ye Out Of Babylon" christian zionists.

From : Joe

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To learn more how Uncle Sam is labeling American Christians as extremists and terrorists :

Search term for more info/websites:

"Homeland Security Targeting Christians"

"Homeland Security Labels Christians"

To learn more about how Jews started The Muslim Brotherhood and present-day Islamic Jihad :

" Donmeh Jews + The Muslim Brotherhood"

"Sabbatean Jews + Muslim Brotherhood"

"Sabbateans + Nazis"

" Sabbateans Satanism Nazis Zionism"

"Sabbatean" Jew and "Donmeh" Jew are interchangeable and synonymous.

Wake up, Christian Zionists. Zionists are NOT your brethren in The Faith.

From : Joe

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On Cyrus Scofield and Zionism :

For more information; There're a lot of websites about the true nature of Zionism, about Cyrus Scofield and his true nature, about the source of Christian Zionism and how Christian Zionism started :

"Cyrus Scofield Zionism"

Jews are NOT your brethren in The Faith, Christian Zionists.

From : Joe

Anonymous said...

White Europeans are overwhelmingly anti-Zionist -- overwhelmingly against USrael's wars in the Middle East.

One would think the Muslims in Europe would appreciate that, but it means nothing to the Muslims. They still riot every year throughout Europe, still rape, still attack White Europeans. Still agitate for Sharia Law for Europe -- even for Non-Muslims in Europe.

They hate Christians -- especially Catholics -- the Muslims make it their business to gather in front of Catholic churches when they throw down their prayer mats to pray en-masse to Mecca. They intentionally block access to Churches. They also vandalize Catholic Churches. It's going on all over Europe.

White Europeans are against the Zionist wars in the Middle East -- for this the Muslims stab the white Europeans in the back, and try to turn Europe into another Islamic state.

In the US, White Americans overwhelmingly support the Jews. The US has been the best country for Jews in history.

For this, the Jews have done everything they could to turn the US into a Talmudic Communist country. The Jews have done everything they could to trash the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

The Jews have done everything they could to open America's borders. The Jews, overwhelmingly, support massive immigration from the third world -- including and Especially Muslims.

This is what White Americans get from the Jews after White Christian America has treated the Jews with more respect & fairness than they ever received in any country ever.

For this, the Jews label White Americans "terrorists".

Both the Jews and the Muslims will stab you in the back -- especially if you're White ; Especially if you're White and Christian : A Zionist Christian or a true Christian, the Jews will stab you in the back ; Zionist Christian or true Christian, the Muslim will stab you in the back.

The Jews have done everything they could to destroy the American Republic and flood this country with third-world foreigners -- including and Especially Muslims.

It's best for All White Americans to NOT get involved with either the Jews or the Muslims. Let them fight their own wars -- their own battles. What ever side any White takes, such a White WILL get stabbed in the back. That's for sure, that's a fact of history.

That's why Jews and Arabs/Muslims are called habiru-sagiz -- desert cut-throats.

From : Joe

From : Joe

Anonymous said...

Excuse the typo, the double "From : Joe". My cursor was jumping around the screen.

I would like to add :

The preferred method of murder -- practiced by both Jews and Muslims/Arabs -- is to walk up to someone from behind in stealth and slash the victim's throat. That's the preferred method of murder by both the Jew and the Arab.

For Example :

The Jew's "kosher" killing of animals, and the Muslims "halal" killing of animals is exactly the same. Cut the animals throat and let the blood seep out until the animal is dead -- the animal feels every ounce of pain.

There's a law on the books in the US that slaughterhouses are required by law to use stun guns on the animals so they won't feel the pain -- but that law is disdained + completely overlooked as if it doesn't even exist, by both Jews and the Muslims, as they think the pain the animal feels makes the meat taste better somehow. Truly sick people -- both groups.

They murder people the same exact way. If they can't creep up slowly from behind to slash your throat -- if it's too risky for them -- they will run up from behind you real quickly and stab you in the back in a flash.

Both have a very long history of this.

Muslims + Jews = Habiru-Sagiz, cut-throats and back-stabbers.

White Americans would be wise to keep both the Jew and the Muslim at arm's length, and don't take sides. Their wars/battles have NOTHING to do with what is best for the White Race and our American Liberties.

Both would snuff out the Bill of Rights if they could. The Jews would replace the Bill of Rights with their Jew Talmud-Noahide Law, the Muslims would replace the Bill of Rights with their Sharia Law.
The Jews are already working over-time to snuff out the Bill of Rights in the US.

In Europe, the Muslims are working overtime to overturn the Law of Europe -- European is Law based on Christian principles and replace it with their Sharia Law.

Both the Jew's Noahide Laws and the Muslim's Sharia Laws require DEATH to "the non-believers". Especially White non-believers. Especially White Christians, Zionist Christians and all types of Christians.

Both the Jews and the Muslims label Non-Christian Whites "Christians", by the way.

From : Joe

Anonymous said...

I'm extremely surprised they didn't kill him.