Sunday, February 8, 2015

Obama, the Crusades, Communism and the Spanish Inquisition

Obama likes to argue that Christians are just as violent as Muslims even when the facts don't support him.


Anonymous said...

The facts don't support ANYTHING he says.

Anonymous said...

A major reason for the Crusades was that the Mohammedans were raiding White, Christian Europe for centuries before the Catholic Crusades and dragging Whites out of Europe and throwing Whites into chattel slavery.

The slave trade was always owned by Jews and Arabs, and there was always lots of blacks on the Jew/Arab slave mongers payroll, blacks who were involved in the slave trade throwing both Whites and their fellow blacks into chattel slavery -- blacks on the payroll.

The largest slave owner Down South in 1860 was black. There were free blacks Down South who owned slaves. The red skin Indians also bought and sold slaves. Indians out West used to attack and massacre White Christian American pioneers OPPOSED to the Jew's Golden Circle slave empire expanding into the Western states and territories.

White, Irish Catholics were also thrown into the Jew/Arab/black slave-owned slave trade. The White Irish Catholics were sent to the Caribbean for the most part -- and they were treated far worse than the black slaves.

ALL the above is left out of the mainstream media's historical "narratives" concerning The Crusades and concerning the slave trade. I notice also that a lot of alternative or so-called "alternative" media websites also abridge and truncate the historical "narratives" of The Crusades and of the slave trade the very same exact way as the mainstream media lies through omission, with quite a few lies of commission as well.

From : Salvatore