Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Police are investigating reports that a three-year-old boy was raped in an asylum center in Norway

The rape of the child happened on January 6, 2016 at the Forus Akuttinnkvartering center in Stavanger. It is thought to have happened in a communal area by multiple perpetrators. It is believed that the boy was taken to a rape crisis clinic with his mother. Several people have been questioned by the police, including a minor. There are currently 781 asylum seekers at the Forus center.


Gem Junior said...

What filthy savages. MORE than ONE perpetrator - it wasn't just one sick savage - is the child still alive? These people simply cannot differentiate what is savage from what is not and we need to get rid of them. Stavanger! The original ancient holy see of Norway, with the most ancient cathedral and sites of interest, at least then they would have laid waste to these scum. What has happened to the western mind?

Gem Junior said...

Excuse me, I meant Nidaros. But Stavanger has many interesting, ancient sites.

Gavin said...

Most people in Norway will probably never hear of this atrocity. Those of us in countries that still have some semblance of free speech must do our duty and spread the word about these threats to the Scandinavian peoples.