Saturday, January 24, 2009

Black Labor MP admits that her staff wrote Obama tribute

Dawn Butler has admitted that her staff wrote a tribute to her supposedly written by Barack Obama. Ms Butler, the MP for Brent South, confirmed that the poorly-punctuated tribute letter, which was posted on her website, had merely been signed by Mr Obama when the then-presumptive Democratic presidential candidate visited London in July 2008. The letter, which was printed on House of Commons headed paper, said: "Having met Dawn Butler MP I can see why she is one of only two black women in parliament. She is bright, intelligent and determined. I say to the people of Brent you should have the audacity of hope and when someone asks you can she do it, you respond yes we can." Ms Butler said that the wording of the letter had been agreed with Mr Obama's staff before his visit. He signed it when the pair met in 10 Downing Street with David Lammy, an education minister, she added.

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