Tuesday, January 27, 2009

South African politician says that Jews control America

On Jan. 14 2009, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Fatima Hajaig told a pro-Palestinian rally that Jews controlled America "no matter which government comes into power, whether Republican or Democratic, whether Barack Obama or George Bush. The control of America, just like the control of most Western countries, is in the hands of Jewish money," she said. "If the Jewish money controls their country, then you cannot expect anything else." A local Muslim television station, Channel Islam International, aired Hajaig's comments as part of its rally coverage. The rally, held during Israel's three-week operation in Gaza, was organized by the Congress of South African Trade Unions, a partner of the ruling African National Congress party. Other sponsors included the Palestinian Solidarity Committee, the South Africa Communist Party -- also an ANC government partner -- and the South Africa Council of Churches. Hajaig, who is noted for her anti-Israel views, was appointed deputy minister of foreign affairs in November 2008 following the ouster of President Thabo Mbeki. Israel was harshly criticized again when Israeli ambassador Segev-Steinberg appeared earlier in January 2009 for more than three hours before the parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee. The Jewish state was accused of racist abuses against the Palestinians, of having forgotten the Holocaust and of conducting ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian population of Gaza. Committee chairman Joe Sithole of the ANC claimed these "abuses" made "apartheid look like a Sunday-school picnic." Sithole told Segev-Steinberg, "When Palestinians have to go through checkpoints like cattle though a dip, this is apartheid. When they cannot on drive on roads just because they are Palestinians, this is apartheid." Another ANC member of Parliament, Patrick Sibanda, accused Israel of ethnic cleansing. "When there is destruction, why is Israel always involved?" Sibanda asked. "I feel strongly that this is part of an ethnic-cleansing program, a seizing of power." Mewa Ramgobin, also of the ANC, demanded "Nuremberg-type trials for the commanders giving orders that ordinary Palestinians be killed. Have you forgotten what happened in Auschwitz? How many more?" The lawmakers brought up Israel's refusal to allow journalists into Gaza. Palestinian and NGO officials have said approximately half of the estimated 1,300 Palestinians killed in Operation Cast Lead were civilians.

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