Thursday, February 12, 2009

Being Jewish and gentile in Israel

Russian Jewish immigrants in Israel are often not accepted as Jews by Israelis because they are of mixed Jewish-gentile ancestry. This rejection has led many to embrace neo-Nazism:

Most of the young people involved are recent immigrants from the former Soviet Union who possess only a small amount of Jewish ancestry. They are often rejected by other Israelis due to their predominantly non-Jewish blood as well as their inability to speak Hebrew. Focusing their rage on the ultra-conservative Hasidic Jews who they feel are most representative of their persecution, these pseudo-Nazis vandalize Jewish houses of worship and cemeteries, as well as run anti-Semitic websites. They members of this neo-Nazi underground obviously view Judaism to be a religion and a culture rather than an ethnic group, and so do not see themselves as being truly Jewish just because they have perhaps a single Jewish grandparent.

So much for the belief that intermarriage reduces ethnic conflict.

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