Saturday, February 14, 2009

There is a strong relationship between genetic ancestry and facial traits

For example, in general, West Africans have wider faces than Europeans and Europeans have longer faces than West Africans. Researchers have used these facts to help determine the admixture percentages of a combined sample of African Americans with West African and European ancestry whose genetic makeup was known through DNA testing. The scientists found that there was a very strong statistical correlation between the amounts of admixture and the facial traits.


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Familytreeservice said...

so how accurate is it, or could it, be?
In a way, its what we do in our day to day lives when we see people. We assume certain things about strangers based on their physical appearance and our life experiences. On a superficial basis this might be seen as racist, ignorant or just plain rude.
However, gentic evidence of this is a diferent matter entirely.