Monday, February 9, 2009

There's a new time zone in the nation's capital: Obama Time

Barely two weeks into his presidency, Barack Obama has made a clean break from George W. Bush in several high-profile moves, including reversing a number of the 43rd president's policies. He's also reversed an unwritten but much-noticed Bush policy: Be on time, all the time. Obama has been routinely late to events and news conferences, including the ones at which he reversed Bush's orders. This has led to an already familiar refrain from the Obama camp: "He's running late." The president was 45 minutes late for a ceremony in which he introduced a team of outside economic advisers. He was 10 minutes late to a memo signing at the Energy Department. He was nearly 30 minutes late for the ceremony at which he signed a bill to expand children's health care. Even before the inauguration, Obama wasn't a punctual sort; he arrived late to a Jan. 8 2009 news conference on the economy that was aired live by broadcast and cable networks.

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