Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fully 54% of Israelis say the right to vote should be conditioned on a pledge of allegiance to Israel as a democratic, Jewish and Zionist state

Among Jewish Israelis, the rate rises to 62%. Asked which part of the state's self-definition as "Jewish and democratic" is more important to them, 43% of Israelis said both were equally important, 31% chose "Jewish" and 20% chose "democratic." The breakdown among Jews was similar: 48%, 32% and 17%, respectively. Plus, 33% of Jews said that in the event of war or any other severe crisis, Israel should treat its Arab citizens the way America treated its Japanese citizens during World War II - by putting them in internment camps. Some 70% opposed appointing more Arabs to senior civil service positions and 67% opposed allowing first-degree relatives of Israeli Arabs to immigrate for the sake of family unification. Moreover, 50% of all respondents agreed with the statement that human rights organizations "damage the country."

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