Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Race and rape in Africa and the United States

Based on a national survey, completed with the help of Congo’s government and international organizations, a study has found that roughly 1.8 million women aged 15 to 49 reported a history of rape in the African nation. About 3 million experienced intimate partner sexual violence. And in the year leading up to the 2007 survey, about 400,000 women said that they had been raped, or four women every five minutes. African-Americans are responsible for 55% of rapes in Alabama, 50.4% of rapes in Georgia, 59% of rapes in South Carolina, 44.5% of rapes in North Carolina, 43.6% of rapes in Virginia, and 40.4% of rapes in Tennessee. Blacks are responsible for 13% of rapes in Kentucky, 43.7% of rapes in Missouri, 21.4% of rapes in Oklahoma, 24% of rapes in Texas, 24% of rapes in Arkansas, 35% of rapes in Florida, 7.5% of rapes in Iowa, 16% of rapes in Arizona, and 21.8%t of rapes in California. In Alabama and North Carolina, blacks are responsible for 91.5% and 88.7% of interracial rape respectively. Finally, in 2009, African-Americans were responsible for 47.8% of homicides, 44.5% of rapes, and 88.7% of interracial rapes, 75% of robberies, 47% of burglaries, and 51% of aggravated assaults in North Carolina.

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