Saturday, March 22, 2014

Black crime in New York: A black teenager has been charged with murder after a terrifying shooting aboard an MTA bus in Brooklyn that killed an innocent commuter

The 14-year-old black suspect, has been identified as Kathon Anderson and is being charged as an adult with second degree murder, Criminal Possession of a Weapon and Criminal Use of a Firearm. He has been arraigned. The black suspect boarded the bus to go after a rival gang member, but instead hit 39-year-old Angel Rojas in the head. Rojas was rushed to Woodhull Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The black teenager was arrested at the scene while commuters scrambled to get out of the way. A firearm was recovered. The black teen fired one shot on the bus and several more outside. Six shell casings were found at the scene. The shooting appears to be gang related, and authorities say that the intended target was a member of a rival gang who had been taunting him on social media. The black teen has a prior arrest for an assault as a hate crime in 2011. He was charged as a minor, and the arrest is sealed. Rojas came to the United States four years ago from the Dominican Republic with his wife Maria and the couple's two children, 12-year-old Saury and 8-year-old Abril. This killing is one reason why the NYPD needs to aggressively implement its Stop-Question-and-Frisk program.

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Anonymous said...

Keep public transportation out of your area White people or you'll be paying for this to happen in your area and maybe to you.