Tuesday, March 4, 2014

On average Latinos have about 70% European ancestry, 14% Native American ancestry and 6% African ancestry

The remainder ancestry is difficult to assign because the DNA is either shared by a number of different populations around the world, or because it’s from understudied populations, such as Native Americans. Obviously that large “unassigned” percentage means that those “averages” could be higher. Looking at the regional and state-to-state numbers for self-identified Latinos, the differences are striking. For example, some Latinos have no discernible Native American ancestry, while in others have as much as 50% of the ancestry being Native American. Latinos in states in the Southwest, bordering Mexico — New Mexico, Texas, California and Arizona — have the greatest percentage of Native American ancestry. Latinos in states with the largest proportion of African Americans in their population — South Carolina, Louisiana and Alabama — have the highest percentage of African Ancestry.

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Anonymous said...

Latino is not a race, or an ethnicity. Latinos are people that emigrated from Latin America.
Latin America, but specially South America received mass emigration from Europe, and not only from Spain and Portugal, also from Germany, Italy, Ireland and Eastern Europe, but most people, cannot accept the fact, that non English speaking countries in the American Continent, received emigration from Europe. There are millions of Latinos of Full European ancestry, that is the reason why some Latinos have no discernible Native American or African ancestry.
In Argentina, for example, the census of 1927 report that 8 of 10 each inhabitants, were born in Europe. Most people ignore the mass emigration from Europe to Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, and in lesser number to Colombia, Venezuela, and some parts of Mexico and Central America.
I like, to add, than most German arrived in South America, much earlier than the First and Second World, so most South Americas of German ancestry, were not nazis.