Saturday, March 22, 2014

Study: Blacks don’t like it when other blacks associate with whites, to the point of refusing help to an African-American experiencing “a run of bad luck” — just because they have white friends

The study found the so-called “black code” alive and kicking, prompting blacks far more than whites to frown on one of their own if they associate with the other race.


Anonymous said...

Well I don't like it when Whites associate with blacks, and I'm White.

Marc B said...

Nor do I, and whenever I notice White associates/friends going above and beyond the cursory relationships with NAM's they get placed in our social outer circle until they come back to their senses. I've observed more than a few Whites Whites have to start doing more than just being resentful of all forms of race mixing.

Casting people out for violating norms (an common sense) is one of the most effective remedies. Whites will be less willing to mix unless there are social consequences for their bad behavior.