Saturday, November 15, 2008

An illegal immigrant from Jamaica may have infected hundreds of women with HIV in a string of one-night-stands

The infected Jamaican reveller prowled nightclubs to pick up women and then spent almost a year unchecked in hospital where he looked for sex with vulnerable patients. Health officials have written to more than 400 women to warn them they might have the deadly virus after having unprotected sex with him. The immigrant, who arrived in Britain on a visitor's visa in 2002, has admitted he cannot remember how many woman he has slept with. He told doctors he had sex, which was often unprotected, with women he met in two nightclubs in Leicester - the now-defunct Dark Club and the Burlington Club. In December 2007, he was admitted to the Brandon mental health unit at Leicester General Hospital where he slept with fellow patients - possibly even in the unit. Doctors were told in May 2008 that his visa had expired and he was living in Britain illegally but the HIV danger only became known in the last few weeks.

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