Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lax laws have let radical Muslims flourish in Britain

It is shocking but not altogether surprising that British-born Muslims were involved in the terrible slaughter in Mumbai. For years Britain has been an exporter of Islamist terrorism. The Government has shamefully failed to prevent hardline clerics coming to Britain to pollute young minds with their hate-filled creed. It has also failed to prevent young British Muslims travelling to madrasas in Pakistan for radicalization and terrorist training. Labor’s relaxation of immigrant marriage rules in 1997 left many British-born Muslims exposed to massive family pressure to marry people living in the Indian sub-continent to allow so-called “chain migration” to take place. This has increased the isolation of Muslim communities in Britain, increased the number of households where English is not spoken and fostered a sense of cultural alienation. So this Government’s lax immigration policies have created the conditions in which jihadist views can flourish. The mass murder that took place in London on July 7, 2005, was mainly organized and carried out by British-born Pakistanis. It should have served as a final warning that the failed creed of multiculturalism and the terror trail to Pakistan both needed closing down. The Government has failed to complete either task. India has paid the price for such negligence. Sooner or later Britain will pay the price again.

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