Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yet another racial hoax

The anonymous, racially offensive Web posting that inspired a rally against racism at Trinity College in October 2008 was written by a black student who wanted to see how her schoolmates would respond. Lynda Ikejimba's comments disparaged minority students and said their admission to the college correlated with a drop in the college's rankings. Dean of Students Frederick Alford said his office is deciding whether Ikejimba will face discipline. Days after the post appeared, more than 200 students, staff, faculty and administrators attended a rally to reject the comments and show that they embraced diversity. Ikejimba apologized by e-mail Oct. 31. Two days later, about 150 people attended a campus meeting on the matter. Students' opinions ranged from anger and forgiveness toward the post to concern about racial issues on campus, Alford said.

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