Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hispanic puts semen in yogurt

Confirming the suspicions of a New Mexico woman, a yogurt sample provided to her by a grocery clerk contained semen, according to test results that prompted police to secure a search warrant authorizing them to collect blood and DNA samples from the suspect. The disclosure that the yogurt sample from an Albuquerque market tested positive for sperm cells and saliva is contained in a search warrant affidavit seeking blood and DNA samples from Anthony Garcia, the 31-year-old suspect. The warrant, which was approved by a District Court judge, notes that the samples were needed to make sure that Garcia did not have any illness or disease that could harm the victim. When police arrived to investigate the incident at the Sunflower Farmers Market, they arrested Garcia after determining he was the subject of two outstanding warrants connected to a 2009 bust for criminal sexual contact with a minor.


Paul said...

That's disgusting. He should be put in jail. I gave the guy benefit of doubt because I thought no person would ever do such a thing.


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Anonymous said...

This is such a revolting situation that makes me wonder if that guy would have offered the yogurt samples to males as well!? I have no idea why someone would ever want to do this.

Average Joe said...

This is one reason why you should never accept free food from a stranger: you have no idea what they put in it. Fortunately, for the woman, the creep didn't put rat poison or any other lethal element into the yogurt.

Average Joe said...

Update: Laboratory tests have confirmed that semen found in a yogurt sample consumed by a woman matches the DNA of grocery store employee, Anthony Garcia, who was suspected in the tainting case, according to police.