Monday, April 30, 2012

Boko Haram, a Muslim organization that advocates instituting Sharia law in Nigeria, has once again attacked Christian worshipers in two cities

At least 20 worshippers were killed in the latest attacks. The attacks took place in the NorthEast town of Maiduguri, and in Kano, the country’s second largest city. In the Kano attack, gunmen arrived on motorbikes at a university lecture theater being used for Christian services and threw small homemade bombs into the building. They then proceeded to shoot worshippers as they attempted to flee the devastation. The group has engaged in a series of attacks around the country including bombings on Christmas and Easter. In January 2012, the group, whose name means, “Western education is sacrilege,” issued an ultimatum to Christians in the north telling them to leave the area in three days or be attacked. Under Sharia Law, non-Muslims are considered to be second class citizens and any attempts to speak disparagingly against Islam such as saying, "Jesus is the only way to Heaven," is considered blasphemy and could be punishable by death. It is often forbidden to attempt to get anyone to leave Islam. On January 20, 2012 26 days after the deadly Christmas Day massacre, Boko Haram killed 185 people in a string of coordinated attacks. A spokesman for the Muslim group conveys a different attitude to those of another faith besides his own. “I enjoy killing anyone that God commands me to kill the way I enjoy killing chickens and rams,” the spokesman said in a video released online. In America, the Council on American Islamic Relations has vigorously fought every attempt to pass legislation ensuring that Sharia law cannot be used as the basis for court decisions. The group claims Sharia law is compatible with the Constitution and there is no danger of blasphemy laws being implemented in America. However, there have been several cases where Sharia law was used, including in a New Jersey case where a judge refused to grant a restraining order to a woman sexually abused by her husband stating the husband was simply acting according to his Muslim beliefs. A Muslim judge in Pennsylvania dismissed assault charges on an atheist who was dressed as a zombie Muhammed. The judge not only dismissed the charges but instead dressed down the victim saying he should be grateful he did not live in a Muslim country where the penalty was much worse. In another case, a judge in Ohio ruled that a decision by prison officials to remove pork from the menu to avoid offending Muslim sensibilities did not constitute an establishment of religion by the state since everyone was required to eat the same food.

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