Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Harlem African-American who stabbed a New York City police officer in the head has been arraigned on charges of attempted murder in Manhattan Criminal Court, where it was revealed that a grand jury returned an indictment against him

Terrance Hale, 26, was charged with stabbing Officer Eder Loor, 28, in the left temple with a 3 1/2 inch blade after Loor and his partner responded to a 911 call from Hale's mother, who told police that her son was acting erratically and needed to be hospitalized. Loor's partner said that he saw Hale punch Loor in the head and that Loor's head was bleeding profusely. Another officer on the scene of the stabbing said that she saw Loor holding his bleeding head with one hand and holding a knife with his other hand, saying, "He stabbed me. He stabbed me," according to the criminal complaint. Assistant District Attorney Linda Mitchell said in court that grand jury had already indicted Hale. He was ordered held without bail until his Supreme Court arraignment in May 2012. Hale, who has a long history of mental illness, was held at Bellevue.

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