Friday, June 22, 2012

Black slavery in Brazil

It is not widely known that 4.8 million slaves were brought to Brazil from Africa – a number that dwarfs the number of slaves brought to the United States. Almost half of all slaves brought to the New World were brought to Brazil. More slaves were also brought to Jamaica and Haiti than to the Northern American colonies. There are 75 million people of African descent in Brazil. There are 42 million African-Americans in the United States. Brazil was the last country in the Western hemisphere to abolish slavery. There are over 100 racial categories of blackness in Brazil. Black slaves weren’t treated as harshly in Dixie as in Brazil.


Anonymous said...

Hi there!

I'm a Brazilian regular reader of this blog and I just would like to say that the post does not mention the most important aspect of Brazil having a huge Afro descendent population: the complete dysfunctionality of this country.

Crime and political corruption, for example, are a fixture of Brazil's social landscape. This is a country with 190 million people and 50 thousand homicides a year, the overwhelming majority of which are not solved. The Federal Government estimates that right now there are some 500 thousand criminals on the run, people who should be behind behind bars or at least being legally prosecuted but whose very whereabouts are unknow.

Try to imagine for a second an America where 99% of the cities and towns where more or less like Chicago or Detroit, with rampant crime rates and a huge dependency of the government from the part of the populace. Welcome to Brazil, a country with a population of only 17% whites having to live among an ocean of African Brazilians. Even the national average IQ is similar to the American average Black IQ (87 and 85 respectively).

There are three states in the south of the country where the bulk of the population is white because they where settled by white europeans from Germany and Italy, but most of the other provinces have non-white majorities. But mind you, pure blacks are relatively rare to be found in Brazil. Most Brazilians are mulattos (think of Eric Holder and Barack Obama).

Unfortunately if you want to take a look at the future of the US and Europe, look at Brazil's ugly, mulatto face. When you have millions of non whites coming to white lands and a majority of whites with no racial awereness, massive intermixing is just a matter of time with all its undesirable dysgenic effects.

I would not like to see America and Europe turning into toilet countries like Brazil, but if you White Nationalists dont act now, that's what is going to inevitably happen to your nations.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brazilian guy! I have much to ask you. Are you aware of the secession movement "O Sul e O Meu Pais" and if you are what do you think of it? Does it have potential?

Are there mulattoes and others moving into the south region?

Is there much concern for the victims of crime or is the attitude one of "who cares?"

Historically, can you name a politician or movement that was good for Brazil racially (integralismo brasileiro?).

At what point in the history of Brazil do you think this all really started to begin the problem?

Anonymous said...

Hi pal!

1- Yes, there are some tiny sessecionist movements both in the three southern Brazilian states (Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul) and also in the main state of the country, São Paulo. The problem of such movements, in the specific case of São Paulo is that this state is already flooded with blacks and mulattos (originally coming from the heavily black/mulatto northeastern states of Brazil). And in the case of the southern States, especially Rio Grande do Sul, the locomotive of these micro-separatist movements, is that just like in the rest of the West, whites there are overwhelmingly liberal/leftists and are not racially aware, not even by far -- with the possible exception of the older genarations.

For these reasons (there may be others, but I think these ones are the core of the problem), I have no hope about these movements, although I personally support them.

2-There are some blacks/mulattos in the southern states, specially in Rio Grande, but they are a minority. And I dont think there is a rush on the part of these folks to move there -- which is good for southeners, of course.

3-Brazilians dont care in the least about widespread crime and a warlike rate of homicides. Being overwhelmingly mulatto/mestizos, they are naturally predisposed to resort to violence as a means to solve conflicts and therefore they have a high level of tolerance for crime and violence. What Brazilians care about is soccer, soap operas, cold beer, barbecue and sex, so why bother about crime? That may sound like cliches, but only cliches can give you an idea of how animal-like the general behavior of Brazilians as a whole is.

4-I may be wrong, but I think there has never been a large scale white movement in Brazil. Integralismo, that you mentioned, was not, as far as I know, a racially aware movement.

5-The problem started together with the introduction of Black slaves into the country, in the beginning of its colonization by the Portuguese in the early 1500's.
Unlike other Europeans, the Portuguese never had anything like a vivid racial pride. The miscigenation we have in Brazil (arguably the most miscigenated country on the face of the Earth)started with the very colonization of the country. For this reason, do not buy the lie of a future Brazilian Power, like the misleading concept of BRIC might make you think. The average Brazilian IQ is just 87, like I said before. Brazilians are just as stupid, violent, indolent, unorganized and crime prone as your African Americans.

And again, this is what will inevitably happen to your country if the influx of non-whites into your borders stay unchecked and unchallanged.Any white country that allows the presence of non-whites in its territory will eventually become more and more miscigenated.

Artur said...

Excellent comments from Brazilian guy.

Btw, you guys should h/t Hunter Wallace for quoting directly from his excellent site, Occidental Dissent.


- Arturo

Anonymous said...

Hey Brazilian guy, thank a lot for all those answers! I thought though that Sao Paulo city had the blacks not all of Sao Paulo state?

I have also read that people carry around some "mugger money" in are they are mugged and see it as normal.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the urban area of SP city concentrates most of blacks/mulattos in the state. But were are speaking about an 18 million people area in a 40 million people state, so it means a lot of people. Besides, like I said before, pure blacks, with a possible exception of the northeastern states, are relatively rare today in Brazil. Most Brazilians are amalgamated, to the point that even many 100% white looking Brazilians have Indian or Black ancestors. This is probably the most amalgamated country on Earth. For these reason, even in small times of Saõ Paulo where the brunt of the population is white, you still have plenty of light skinned mulattos all over the place.

Anonymous said...

About the mugger money you mentioned...

Well, I think it is possible that some people do it in big cites like SP city or Rio, but I havent seen it in middle or small towns around the country.

I think it is a particular American practice, it does not sound Brazilian (average IQ 87, never forget)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Brazilian guy. Very informative. One last thing though; were conditions better in the past? 60's, 70's, etc? Was it better before or better now?