Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Jewish pervert, who sexually abused two Orthodox brothers, has accepted a judge's sweetheart deal that will spring him from jail in September 2012 - over the furious objections of Brooklyn prosecutors

Andrew Goodman pleaded guilty to 48 felonies - including criminal sex acts with a minor, sex abuse and sexual misconduct - after Justice Martin Murphy dangled a 2-year sentence in front of him. Assistant District Attorney Kevin O'Donnell said that prosecutors would have pursued a penalty that could have locked up Goodman for "dozens, if not hundreds of years." Goodman, who was arrested in June 2010 for preying on the boys over several years, was thrilled with the offer. "It's an amazing deal," said Israel Fried, a defense lawyer for Goodman. "He's very happy to put this behind him, do his time and hopefully get on with his life." Community members had filmed Goodman sneaking 11 underage boys in and out of his 15th Street home during pre-dawn hours, and trashed him as a "lifelong molestor who preys on young boys" in letters written to the judge. Fried said that prosecutors "weren't going to offer anything," charging that they weren't going to go easy on Goodman because of the heavy criticism District Attorney Charles Hynes has taken for his handling of sex-abuse cases in Brooklyn's Orthodox Jewish community. "These are the crimes de jour, so to speak and they're the ones that have put the District Attorney under the microscope," Fried said. "That's why they've taken such a hard line." But Hynes fired back that prosecutors should "have the right to appeal a disposition taken over their objections. Here, an acting State Supreme Court Justice promised a sentence of two years to someone who pled guilty to 48 felonies," he said in a statement.

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