Friday, June 29, 2012

Michigan educators have spent years trying to address the persistent gap in achievement between white and minority students, but Michigan Merit Exam results just released provide some troubling news: The gap keeps widening

The achievement gap between white and black students widened in reading, math, science and writing on the MME, and narrowed in only social studies. The gap between white and Hispanic students widened in math and science, but narrowed in other subjects. The gap also widened for both groups in the percentage of students considered college-ready. Results in predominantly black Detroit Public Schools were grim. Just 205 students - or 6% of the 3,418 who took the math exam - passed. In science, 104 students - or 3% of the 3,477 students who took the exam, passed. Only 1.8% DPS students were deemed college ready. Sixteen Detroit Public Schools had no college-ready students.

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Anonymous said...

The gap widening is actually good news as far as educating minorities , it means that they are reaching more diversity that used to be slipping through the cracks, and are doing a better overall job of educating them, rather than just focusing on fewer better performers.