Saturday, September 1, 2012

A black sex attacker who molested a student was caught after she bit down on his hand - leaving his blood all over her coat

Detectives were able to track down Tony Jones using the DNA left on his victim's clothing when they discovered it matched records held on their database. The 43-year-old pounced on the woman from behind as she walked to a friend's house late at night in Coventry city centre on August 4, 2012. Jones put both of his arms around her before placing his left hand between her legs and feeling her genitals over her jeans. However, when he put his right hand over the 27-year-old's mouth to stop her screaming she bit down on his fingers causing blood to splash onto her jacket and top. She bit him so hard the fingers in his bones broke, which caused him to scream and flee the scene while his victim dialled 999. Police arrested Jones the next day after DNA from his blood matched records on their database. Jones, who had to have pins inserted into his hand to heal the broken bones, was jailed for two-and-a-half years at Coventry Crown Court after admitting sexual touching.


James Allen said...

Nice post. Parents are parents, not Gods. Of course they cannot have all the answers. The way you explain things to your kids should do all the work…it all comes under parenthood and your people skills.
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Girlyngdicky SuckerGoogy said...

Having Sex Is Good for Your Health. Lets Talk About Sex.

Luke Raines said...

Not when you are a rape victim.