Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lee Daniels, the director of "Lee Daniels' the Butler," told Piers Morgan that he thinks America has become more racist since Barack Obama - that nation's first black president - has come into office

Then maybe we would be better off having no more black presidents?

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Anonymous said...

Lee Daniels, a gay black, is right and the increased attack by racist blacks on Whites is led by Obama and Eric Holder, the racist attorney general of the US.
The Butler is a black racist film. It has 14 jew producers. Hollyweird, totally owned by the jews, has produced thousands of anti-White, anti-Christian, and anti-American films since the jews have taken over Hollyweird. Guess who they make these movies for? Why, Whites of course. If Whites stopped buying the tickets for these anti-White jewish made movies Hollyweird would go broke in a matter of weeks, but go ahead goya(cattle) pay for your own destruction.