Thursday, August 1, 2013

White Privilege and Jewish Power

Will a gentile ever get an opportunity to run the Federal Reserve?

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Anonymous said...

No, it will never happen.

The Federal Reserve isn't owned by the US Government by the way. It is privately owned by 4 or 5 Jewish banking families in Europe. So it's privately owned. The US Govt., our elected Representatives don't have a say in the matter.

More correctly, they do have a say in the matter, as "our" lawmakers vote year-in and year-out to renew the privately-owned Federal Reserve System.

In a sense, they vote year-in and year-out to ostracize themselves, disempower themselves, and to disenfranchise us, the American people. How stupid does it get. The stupidity has been going on since 1913. This year marks the One Hundredth Anniversary of the stupidity and venality.

The "lawmakers" back in 1913 greatly hassled the great Senator Lindbergh who stood opposed to the Federal Reserve Act.

The "great White" lawmakers threw their/our own kind -- Senator Lindbergh --to the Jew wolves as they tripped over themselves to hand the country over to the Jews for Ten-Cents-On-The-Dollar. They didn't even ask for the full worth of the country as the asking price. An Amazing sell-out of an erstwhile great country that had everything going for it -- at one time.

Between Jewish machinations and White venality, as they say in New York City : Fuggedaboudit.

Now the Jews are selling us down-the-river to the Chinese, after the Anglo ruling class sold us down-the-river to the Jews in 1913.


From : Joe