Friday, August 9, 2013

Why do so many black people spend so much money on stupid things?

Oprah is angry that a white sales clerk tried to stop her from spending $35,000 on a handbag. Once again the unbelievably overpaid talk show host is crying racism. If Oprah had any brains she would be thanking the clerk for trying to stop her from making such a foolish purchase.


Musashi said...

Poor pampered negro is butthurt.
This can't end soon enough.

Luke Raines said...

If the clerk really was a racist she would have tried to get Oprah to buy two of those stupid handbags.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why Blacks spend so much money on stupid things.

There are much more important questions. Some of the much more important questions are : Why did White Americans squander all the wealth of this country?

When I say "wealth" I'm talking about our industry which was dismantled and shipped to China en-masse ; More importantly, when I say "wealth" I'm talking about White Americans squandering our genetic heritage through abortion, no-child marriages, adopting Non-white children over White children, etc.. ; I'm talking about White Americans allowing open-borders and massive third-world immigration into the US from 1965.

Massive immigration : Another form, another type, of self-inflicted genocide. White Americans have been supporting this for a very long time. And not just the politicians. I know many average White Americans who are gung-ho for massive immigration and diversity. It's a giant cover-up for lack of loyalty to one's own kind, as they pretend to be about "peace, love and understanding", while they sell-out their own kind. There are many White Americans like this. I'm surrounded by them here in Northern California.

White Americans are really in NO position to point our fingers at Blacks and wonder why they they spend so money on stupid things, while White America just squandered and literally gave away, without one shot being fired by any foreign army or anyone period, the greatest country in history to the third world.

We are in NO position whatsoever to call the blacks to discipline and self-control, as White Americans have been celebrating, promoting, and advocating "do your own thing" since the 1960's.

We need to ask ourselves why White Americans don't have the will and the discipline to keep and nurture the great gifts bestowed upon us by our Founding Fathers and the early Americans who first built this country for us. That's the really important question.

From : Joe

Anonymous said...

Oprah purposely dressed down the day she went shopping in Switzerland, and intentionally acted like a poor negro with no money, so she could elicit the very reaction by the sales clerk Oprah is now complaining about. She had to go to a foreign country to pull-it-off as everyone in the States knows who she is.

She's coming out with a movie very soon and wants publicity. The more she cries that she was discriminated against because she's black, the more blacks will go see her movie.

Oprah is playing on the residue effects of the greatly over-blown racial issue the Zimmerman/Trayvon altercation turned into ;

And intentionlly turned into a giant White/Black racial issue by all the race hustlers in this country, both Jew race-hustlers in the media and by black race-hustlers. Many Jews wanting to start a race war real bad, the Commie Jews are drooling for a race war.

Oprah, it turns out, is one of the race hustlers as she recently made a big stink about the Trayvon case being equal to the lynching of blacks.

Of course, Oprah doesn't ever tell her fellow blacks, or anyone else, that the black Obama and the black Eric Holder ran weapons to Mexican criminal gangs in the US and the very same Mexicans are killing blacks every night -- especially in Southern California -- with weapons the black Obama and Holder supplied to the Mexicans.

Of course, Oprah never tells anyone that her fellow blacks she supposedly loves so much killed 11,106 of their fellow blacks from the time of the Zimmerman/Trayvon altercation to the day the Sanford verdict was read in court. Oprah never cries for those 11,106 of the blacks she loves so much MURDERED at the hands of her/their fellow blacks.

Yes, blacks killed 11,106 of their very own during that time period, as they cry crocodile tears over Trayvon. And Oprah is nothing but another race hustler.

She wants to keep the racial animosity going so more blacks will go see her up-coming movie. It was a totally contrived and planned publicity stunt.

From : Salvatore