Thursday, August 8, 2013

Two 18-year-old British women are recuperating after having acid thrown on them in Zanzibar by a pair of men riding a motorcycle

Video footage showed Kirstie Trup, from Hampstead, north London, and Katie Gee wrapped in blankets in a 4x4 vehicle in the wake of the acid attack in Zanzibar which left them with injuries to their faces, chests and hands. They were flown to Dar es Salaam in mainland Tanzania for treatment. Their attackers, riding on a small motorcycle, threw the acid on the women as they were walking, said Mkadam Khamis, a police commander on the island. The attack took place in an area of the island's capital city known as Stone Town, an area popular with tourists. Their parents are currently trying to arrange a medical evacuation plane to bring the pair back to Britain.

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