Monday, September 2, 2013

Six "British" soldiers have been arrested in New York, for beating and robbing an off-duty NYPD cop in a bar

According to court reports, three of four of the men, who are all rugby players with the Royal Regiment of Scotland, started beating on the rookie cop when he began talking to a woman who was with the soldiers. The soldiers, who are all originally from Fiji, claim that the fight started after he called one of them "black b******". One of the soldiers grabbed the man's phone and a chain from around his neck when he tried to call 911. The brawl reportedly moved out into the street, leaving blood splattered along the block, until the cop pulled out a knife and slashed one of the soldiers. When the victim identified himself as a policeman, the soldiers responded, "We don't care. F*** the police." Five of the soldiers are facing third degree assault charges; a sixth, who was found with the cop's phone, is also accused of second degree robbery. The men failed to post bail, and are being held at Rikers Island. The motto of their regiment is: "No one provokes me with impunity." This should serve as a lesson to the British - and any other white nation - to stop recruiting Third World types into their military. Let us hope that these Third World scumbags do some hard time in an American prison.

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