Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A dog suffered severe burns after his owner dumped her black boyfriend who then poured hot water on the animal in a suspected revenge attack

The dog's owner, Mariah Facca, said that she was breaking up with 27-year old Alain Williams when he told her he poured hot water on her dog Moon at his home, according to police. The one-year-old dog was rushed to the vets with second-degree burns covering 30% to 40% of her body. The vets are concerned that her organs may fail as a result of the burns and if she does recover she will need extensive care. Police charged Williams with a count of torment, deprive, mutilate or kill an animal. Moon's medical costs are expected to exceed $10,000, which is an amount Facca can not afford. A court judge has set Williams' bond for $86,000. He also faces other charges for behavior during his arrest which included him being tasered. Williams also threatened to kill officers at the police station.

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