Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a level three warning for US citizens to avoid traveling to West African countries experiencing an outbreak of Ebola

Immigrants from West African countries have entered the United States illegally, according to Chris Cabrera with the National Border Patrol Council. "Not too long ago we did catch some people, I believe, from Liberia," he said. During the 2013 fiscal year, statistics from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security website show that Border Patrol agents apprehended 112 immigrants from Guinea, 231 from Liberia and 145 immigrants from Sierra Leone, which are the three countries currently experiencing the most cases of Ebola. "Our main concern like it’s always been is the health and safety of our agents," Cabrera said. He worries agents are not properly protected in the event they come across an immigrant with the Ebola virus. "Our agents are trained, however, they are not medical professionals," he said. If an immigrant with the virus does make it past agents, he worries that they could possibly pass the contagious virus to other immigrants while in a stash house like they saw recently during a scabies outbreak. "Some of our agents did contract scabies, and some of the other things that illegal aliens had. Luckily it's not something deadly like Ebola," Cabrera said. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) confirms agents are trained to recognize signs of illnesses, including Ebola, and are told to contact to the CDC immediately if they find someone they believe to be infected. The union worries immigrants with the disease may slip by because sometimes symptoms of the virus do not show up for 2-21 days. "We need to be more pro-active about trying to prevent it from coming in as opposed to trying to contain it once its hear," Cabrera said. CBP is working with the CDC to develop procedures to identify travelers and immigrants with contagious diseases.


Anonymous said...

Yeah. That's alright. The West Africans can just come here ala duncan ebola.

Anonymous said...

Every one coming into contact with Duncan or anyone who has or who is suspected of showing symptoms of Ebola must be quarantined including those people on the plane with Duncan or anyone at the airport that had contact with Duncan or anyone at the airport who got close to Duncan, anyone who gave him a ride, taxi,friend,bus,relative,etc.
Those more than five thousand American troops in Ebola Land now must be quarantined before returning to the US and they must be quarantined from each other so that if only some soldiers have contracted Ebola they cannot give it to all of the more than five thousand troops there. This must be done before that five thousand potentially Ebola carriers can returned to the US.

Anonymous said...

This country is no longer a safe country all because of Obama and the Obama flunkies. Obama has imported many strange and weird diseases into this country from Africa, Middle East, Mexico, Central America, South America, and many other third world countries. There are muslim terrorists living right here on taxpayers money, there are diseases here now that medical science has no idea how to cure, and diseases that the US had under control have returned in spades, kids are coming down with paralyses that the source is unknown, and fevers that no one knows why, many are dying but the main stream media will sound no alert to the public.
Citizens should be warned to stay away from places that have large audiences such as football stadiums, basket ball arenas, movies, bars, etc, any place where a large number of people will gather.