Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A young black thug who was angry at a cat for eating his dog's food filmed himself as he choked the feline and then threw the small animal across the street as retribution for its actions

The black teenager, who lives in Cleveland, Ohio, had originally posted the video to Facebook, but later took it down. Now, the Cleveland Animal Protective League is investigating the situation, and members of the public are hoping law enforcement officials will also launch an investigation. And while the young black thug has taken the video down, he continues to defend his actions on Facebook, even making light of the situation and again blaming the cat for what happened. In the video, the black teen grips the cat by the throat, showing it off to the camera as he says, "You think it's a mother******* game, huh? Keep on eating my dog food. You hear me? I'll choke the s*** out of your dumb a**." This goes on for 10 seconds before he then launches the cat across the street, and it quickly runs off.

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