Sunday, January 25, 2015

A new study shows that a majority of Germans have had enough of the Holocaust and want to move on from "the greatest genocide in history"

About 81% of Germans say that they want to put "the history of the persecution of the Jews behind them" and for their leaders to turn to contemporary problems. The study entitled "Connecting past, separating present" was conducted by the Bertelsmann Foundation to gauge current German-Israeli relations. It also showed that almost half of modern day Germans - 48% - have a bad opinion about Israel, 36% a good one. Pollsters said that the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict greatly determines German perceptions of Israel. In Germany, 68% want their lawmakers to stop weapons exports to Tel Aviv. In 2014, a submarine costing half a billion pounds was delivered to the Israeli navy.


Anonymous said...

It's ridiculous that Germans continue to flog themselves, and accept flogging from others, over events 70+ years in the past. Anyone who could have committed any crimes would be at least nearly 90 years old by now or dead. Enough already. Germany owes no one anything.

Luke Raines said...

I wish Americans would stop blaming themselves for slavery which is even further in the past than the Holocaust.