Monday, January 19, 2015

Selma is 80% African American and 60% of the children there live in poverty

In general, the more blacks you have in an area, the more poverty you have in that area.

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Anonymous said...

I don't worry about it. That's cause any day now Oprah, and all the other extremely wealthy blacks in the USA, all the very wealthy blacks, all the wealthy blacks, all the well-to-do blacks, in the USA are going to start all kinds of charity organizations to help and assist their fellow blacks who are poor.

There's a very large number of blacks in the USA who are wealthy. Some of them extremely wealthy. Yet, I never see them do anything to help and assist their fellow blacks who are poor. Either do the middle-class blacks who could give something, yet they don't give anything to help their fellow blacks who are poor.

All the rich blacks in the USA do is race-hustle their fellow blacks who are poor, using them as pawns. Including of course the black politicians and the self-appointed spokesmen and spokeswomen for blacks.

Anyway, every door to opportunity in the USA is open to blacks. They just have to stay home and do their homework and stay out of trouble.

From : Salvatore