Friday, January 16, 2015

Race and other factors affecting intelligence

Anatoly Karlin shows that East Asians are more intelligent than other races while blacks are less intelligent.


Anonymous said...

If East Asians are so intelligent, how come they're not the ones who discovered electricity, harnessed electricity, invented all the things that use electricity? If they're so intelligent how come they never invented anything?

If they're so intelligent why did they have to wait for the White Man to come along before they ever accomplished anything?

And China was a third world shithole before Corporate America decided to move American industry to China en-masse.

I'm not saying they're stupid -- I'm just saying they're not really as smart as many say they are.

From : Salvatore said...

Anonymous. Your questions are quite legit. The IQ results of Asians are unquestionable. So whey do they not invent new things?

Partially it is the social environment, as Chinese scientists at US Universities are quite successful. The main reason seems to be a, probably genetic, conformity. To invent really new things one has to be a rebellious misfit.

East Asians are extremely successful at copying. With the right political system they immediately take off and become rich. This does NOT happen in Africa.

Anonymous said...

Well gee, Human Stupidity, then by all means ZOG Washington needs to continue to do everything it can to make sure the East Asians have the very exact right political system here in the USA to make sure they become rich! Even if us White Americans have to get disenfranchised, displaced, and dispossessed to make sure the East Asians become rich! Even if the descendants of America's Founding Stock which discovered electricity, harnessed electricity, and invented all the things the world loves, get disenfranchised, displaced, and dispossessed. We must do everything we can, including make sure us White Americans get displaced to make sure the East Asians become rich! AND we must do this because someone who is an "expert" on comparable IQ's tells us the East Asians are smart. [ Even though they never accomplished anything until the White Man, including White Americans, showed up to show them how to harness and use electricity.] If anything, they owe us, we don't owe them. If anything, certainly we're not obligated to hand the USA over to them -- NOT for any reason. Not even if they have higher IQ's than White Americans. [ But they don't -- it's all bullshit. Bullshit to justify the intentional and planned dissolution of the USA. ]

From : Salvatore